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Concentrate on Profits

Building on over 100 years of experience, Essential Industries developed Superbase®, a unique manufacturing system to meet your customers' cleaning maintenance needs and increase your profits.

Superbase® enables you to easily blend premium performance floor care finishes, sealers, strippers, cleaners, and other sanitary supply products. Use ordinary top water with Superbase pre-measured concentrates and manufacture the products your customers want.

Discover how you can concentrate on profits when you use the Superbase® system...

Increased Profits

  • Our concentrates reduce cost by eliminating water from the formulation.
  • Reduced freight bills - no need to ship water.
  • Margins increase - you manufacture products using existing resources and overhead.

Product Flexibility

  • Create your own "unique" chemicals to address customer needs by varying solids, actives, color, dilution and fragrance.
  • Blending formulations and yield information are easy to use.
  • Margins increase - a single source for all products

Reduce Inventory

  • Less storage space is needed.
  • Margins increase - you manufacture based on customer orders.

Help Is Here

  • Our State-of-the-art web site makes your manufacturing process easy.
  • The secured access site contains blending formulations, material safety data sheets, packaging components and equipment information, labels and literature copy.
  • Equipment - we can customize a design for your facility.
  • Technical and regulatory assistance is available.
  • Sales and marketing support - training tools, selling collateral and industry experience