Superbase® 600 Annihilator™ Professional Strength Stripper

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May 25, 2018
Superbase® 601 Professional Strength Stripper
May 25, 2018
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Superbase® 600 Annihilator™ Professional Strength Stripper

600 Annihilator™

Professional Strength Stripper

This Superbase makes ready-to-sell products that have similar characteristics to the Essential Brand products listed; however,certain physical properties may vary:

  • #2911 - Annihilator™
  • High actives, aggressive formula removes tough build-up.
  • Removes heavily burnished acrylics and urethane-fortified acrylics.
  • Designed to work equally well in cold or warm water.
  • Low foam for easy application with automatic-scrubbers.
  • Optional additives (#941 Powdered Additive and #2200 Coupling Agent) create alkaline stripper.
  • Disponible en tambores de 55 gallons.
  •  WARNING: Cancer -

Blending Tips/Quality Control Information

  • Highest amount of hardness of water that blend can be used in: 11 grains or less
  • Always refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for complete health and safety information.
  • Professional Strength Stripper
  • RI = 30.0
  • pH = 11.3
  • Standard Strength Stripper
  • RI = 16.4
  • pH = 11.1

To find out more about Refractometers (RI) and pH Testers please visit the RI and pH information Page

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