High Alkaline Powdered Additive

Foam Enhancer
May 25, 2018
Liquid Additive 489
May 25, 2018

High Alkaline Powdered Additive

Powdered Additives

High Alkaline Builders
409, 412, 457, 941

Blending Tips/Quality Control Information

  • 409 Powdered Additive
    412 Powdered Additive
    457 Powdered Additive
    941 Powdered Additive
  • For use with Superbase 601, Superbase 871, Superbase 458 and when making Super Stripper or Problem Wax Stripper from Superbase 610.
  • These are high alkaline builders in the form of powdered additives.
  • Always add powders first. Use hot water, if possible, and agitate for at least five (5) minutes (see label for complete details) between each ingredient addition.
  • Use these additives with adequate ventilation and a NIOSH/OSHA approved dust mask.
  • Use full cover clothing, including a rubber apron, rubber/neoprene gloves and chemical goggles.
  • Always refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for complete health and safety information.

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